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Hi, I’m Susila! I’m a Brazilian living in South Florida for the last 25 years. Growing up, I also lived in Chile and Venezuela, so I happen to speak fluent English, Spanish and Portuguese! As someone living with a complex set of autoimmune conditions, I aim to connect with, inspire and encourage people to live a healthy lifestyle and to resort to natural approaches like essential oils to support their health and life.

I learned the hard way that health is the single most important treasure we are blessed to have. At the age of 29 I was rushed to the emergency room, only to come out 7 days later from the ICU with the life-changing diagnosis of a rare poly-glandular autoimmune condition. Yes, I was super scared and I had no idea what this meant for my life … but I was grateful to be alive! This was the beginning of my relentless, life-long quest towards healing, health and balance.


The next few years were a blur, extremely hard, with tons of doctor’s visits, tears, tests, blood work, and medication adjustments … and I still felt very poorly. I was making gradual lifestyle changes and was being cared for only by Western Medicine, but my health continued to decline. It wasn’t until I made a complete lifestyle renovation, changed my diet, and started to incorporate natural therapies like acupuncture, chiropractors, energy healing, nutritional supplementation AND therapeutic essential oils into my life, that my health and wellbeing started to significantly improve.

Listening to and trusting the innate wisdom of my body, staying true to myself, connecting with nature, and following my intuition have become my life’s blueprints … and this path is what led me to discover Young Living essential oils, which I’m beyond grateful for!

From day one, these essential oils have been a blessing to me and my loved ones, not only for their everyday basic uses and health support, but they have also promoted healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. I encourage everyone I know and meet to give Young Living essential oils a try. You will see benefits on a daily basis, and as you learn about them, experience them and grow to love them, you will see that they can support your healing and wellbeing in so many ways. I am committed to educating and helping people experience ALL the amazing things that these oils can do.

I want to share my experience and insights with you and reassure you that you too CAN take charge of your health and become your own advocate! I am blessed to be a conduit for helping introduce people to YLEO. I’m learning more each day. I share about EOs benefits, meet one-on-one with people, and help others achieve better health as well as time & financial freedom – all through the power of Young Living essential oils and lifestyle!

Let me know how I can help you meet your goals. You can learn more about partnering with me and our Oily Gurus team HERE.

I love mentoring my team. I am excited about our growing YL community … Wellness. Purpose. Abundance. That’s what we’re creating together, one day at a time! Join us!

About Susila

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