10 Fun & Easy Uses for Essential Oils

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on May 16, 2016


Go ahead – Inhale. Apply. Ingest. Soak…

There are all kinds of ways to fall in love with Young Living’s essential oils and oil-infused products!

Need a little inspiration to take the plunge and start your journey with oils?

Or maybe you already have some oils and just need a little encouragement to break them out of the box and start using them?

Here are a few fun ideas to get your mojo flowing and help you get started with your oils:

1. Need a lift on a rainy day?
Try diffusing a little “sunshine”! Add 6-10 drops of Citrus Fresh to your diffuser and just breathe it in. Almost as nice as a day on the beach! Almost.

2. Have you TASTED NingXia Red yet?! I’m pretty sure it’ll become your new addiction once you do. 1-2 ounces a day boost your immune system and oils your body’s wheels of wellness! Adding a drop or two of your favorite citrus oil turns your daily treat into something extra delicious! Try Lemon, Grapefruit, Orange, or Tangerine Vitality for a fun twist!

3. Want to feel like royalty? Try starting the day with a drop of Frankincense on on the middle of your forehead – your Third-Eye Chakra. Frankincense was so valued in ancient Middle Eastern cultures that it was one of three gifts given to the Christ-child. (Two out of three gifts were essential oils. Pretty cool, right?!)

4. Looking for a little R&R? One of my favorite ways to enjoy the goodness of essential oils is in a relaxing bath. Try this for starters: ½ cup Epsom salts, ½ cup baking soda, 8-10 drops of the oil or oils of your choice. One of my favorite combos is Purification and Lavender.

5. To make a guest feel extra special or help a child ease into sweet dreams, put a drop of Lavender on your hands, rub gently together, then slide your hands over their pillow. Add a drop of Cedarwood or Stress Away with the Lavender if you like, for extra relaxation and blissful sleep.

6. Did you know that a study found that the absorption rate of Young Living’s MultiGreens doubled once essential oils were added to the supplement’s formula? Do your own “therapeutic trial” by subbing one of the supplements that you’ve been using (different brand) with one of Young Living’s nutritional supplements. See for yourself and let me know what you think!

7. Essential oils are awesome in the kitchen! Try adding a drop or two of Lime or Lemon the next time you whip up some guacamole. Try this easy recipe for a tasty guacamole side dish!

8. Who likes an easy DIY?! Try this idea so you’ve got natural relief ready the next time someone needs a little pick-me-up. This would also make for a fun “Make and Take” project with friends. Or an awesome shower gift.

Do it yourself shower discs

9. Need a little help unwinding after a day in front of the computer? (Or the kitchen stove?!) Try a squirt or two of Young Living’s Ortho Ease massage gel along with a couple drops of Panaway. Rub gently over the sore spots or, better yet, find someone to massage it in for you! 🙂

10. If any of the above feels too hard, too DIY, too complicated, too “out there” for you, then just try this for starters: Add one drop of Lemon oil to a glass of water. That’s it! It’ll freshen the taste and hopefully get you drinking more water. And taking one simple step is better than nothing.

Tomorrow you can try adding a drop of Lemon oil to an ounce of Ningxia Red. You’ll be an oily guru in no time!





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